Set your slumbers till the day ….

As I write this post, My little daughter is sleeping beside me. She is looking so peaceful and innocent.

Sometimes she smiles while sleeping and giggles at other time. I like to think that she might be talking with angels …may be god himself.

One of my favorite moments is to see both my sleepyheads together. Dad and her have been slumber buddies since she was born.

What surprises me most is the spontaneity of her sleep….one moment she would be playing and in a split second she would be in dream land.

my daughter started sleeping through the night only recently but I now understand what the phrase “sleep like a baby” really means.

It’s not about the length of time you sleep but the peace and calm of it. Sleep can give you rest and refresh you. it gives you dreams and often ideas.

Sometimes it gives you hope for tommorow…something worth looking forward to.

Phir Milenge!!


2 thoughts on “Set your slumbers till the day ….

  1. A child’s day is full of challenges. Everything is new for them. They squeeze their brain and load it every moment. Physically it’s more hardwok, standing, sitting, walking, grabbing, holding they fail again and again but try repeatedly. With such tough day at office, they are able to sleep instantly and go deep.

    I think after we grow up we never put ourselves thro such hardship. We learn the nuances of life and adapt to live lazily.

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