Wedding announcements

Inspiration for drawing is everywhere. Recently when a friend of mine posted pictures from her wedding on Facebook, I could not help but interpret them in my own style.


A week later, a picture from another friend’s wedding album found its way into my digital sketchbook.


If you have any request for custom illustrations, announcements and pricing enquiries feel feel to contact me on my Facebook page or drop me a line.

Phir Milenge!!


Names of Jesus- 2015 Calendar

First of all  a very happy new year to all of you.


I haven’t been drawing much lately but I posted some of my recent drawings on my Facebook page and on Instagram though I failed to post them here.

Over the holiday season I created a series of twelve drawings for advent based on names of Jesus. Please check out the album and leave a comment or feedback. I would really appreciate it.

In the new year I decided to use those images to create a mini calendar. I added a scripture verse with the name to correspond with the images and added the calendar for the month underneath. Did you notice I started the week with Monday and the weekend at the end?! I like to see the two days of the weekend together. 🙂


The card measures only 4″X6″(post card size) and is easy to hang on a string or garland with clips or simply pin one page at a time to your notice board.IMG_7918.JPG


Here are a few more glimpses of it:IMG_7917.JPG

IMG_7915.JPGThis was the first time ever that I made calendar but I enjoyed the process. I did have a few brainwaves in the process and I will keep these ideas on hand next time I work on a calendar.

Phir MIlenge!!


Last year I created my ‘joy to the world’ card. This year I drew two more scenes from the Christmas story to complete the trilogy. Together they created a nice nativity scene.


Here is a detail of the ‘three wise men’


Detail of the ‘angel meets the shepherds’


Phir Milenge !!

Daniel 2-20

I recently received a request from my sis-in-law for a custom design for a scripture verse that she had in mind. Her brief was to make it look lovely and here is what I got:


I then also added it on my society 6 shop as a print – also available as a canvas.


I have also add some more designs to my shop. I am slowly adding to the shop and hopefully more products will be added soon.

Phir Milenge!!