Last year I created my ‘joy to the world’ card. This year I drew two more scenes from the Christmas story to complete the trilogy. Together they created a nice nativity scene.


Here is a detail of the ‘three wise men’


Detail of the ‘angel meets the shepherds’


Phir Milenge !!

Daniel 2-20

I recently received a request from my sis-in-law for a custom design for a scripture verse that she had in mind. Her brief was to make it look lovely and here is what I got:


I then also added it on my society 6 shop as a print – also available as a canvas.


I have also add some more designs to my shop. I am slowly adding to the shop and hopefully more products will be added soon.

Phir Milenge!!

Now open.

I am falling a bit behind on updating my blog, I am sure you could tell. I recently joined Instagram, as if I needed more distractions beyond Facebook. Social media affords me the luxury of saying it in bite size chunks while on the blog I feel I ought to explain/ express more. Result- no news in long time.

I have a very active 8 month old and a very demanding 3.5 yr old in my life. My girls bring me immense joy and they keep me very busy. My mobile phone is the only way I get to check my emails or update my social media pages. I think who ever came up with the idea of internet connectivity on mobile devices was brilliant! Today I am stealing a few moments from my sleep to let you in on some new developemnts in my life.

I have opened an online shop. On society6.

I have been thinking of opening a shop online to sell my illustrations as prints for a long time but marketing and networking seems so out of my comfort zone that I never got around to doing it. I am also awful at self-promotion which , in order to sell a lot, I wil have to do a lot of…. so here goes attempt 1.


Society6 is an online market-place where artists and illustrators can sell their work in form of art prints, t-shirts, mugs and other consumer goods. For me the biggest reason for choosing society6 was the assurance that the products use only the highest quality materials, and are shipped it to you on my behalf by them. That gives me the time to focus more on my work and my family, rather than keeping inventory and the logistics of printing and shipping.

10615640_378574482299678_8598018239358057191_n 1426745_378574458966347_4590149496235727598_n 1798467_378574478966345_6549899994882634988_n 1901128_378574468966346_7492198067919925346_nThey have a whole range of different products for personal use or for the home. For starters I have uploaded only a few of my illustrations and I hope to add more as time goes by.

As always, I welcome your feedback and comments.

Phir Milenge!!