few thoughts……..

They came knocking at my door……they said they wanted to talk about YOU. They must have a lot of confidence  I thought.  I would not have been able to do this.  Its not easy knocking on doors…..No one knows what’s behind them.

Witnesses they were…….they said and they witnessed something I needed to know. They said YOU were not who YOU said you were. Not who I thought YOU were.

They said it was a web of lies… a story crafted to lure me in. They asked me to look closer, deeper- they said the truth was spread too thin.

Why would there be confusion, division

sorrow and derision,

cruelty and chaos reign?

why would there be pain?.

How could YOU be both this and that at the same time.

Alpha and omega….Mortal Immortality?

Lion and the Lamb….Human divinity?


I hearkened back to what I knew….

My friend, Faithful and true, Wonderful counselor were YOU.


You are the ransom of all men

YOU are the prayer and the amen

YOU are the indescribable gift to me

YOU are as true as truth can be

YOU are my  savior……..

YOU came through for me.


I don’t know much  but I do know this

YOU are the exact representation of His

the Spirit wrote I am that letter

Wish I could represent YOU better.



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