Names of Jesus- 2015 Calendar

First of all  a very happy new year to all of you.


I haven’t been drawing much lately but I posted some of my recent drawings on my Facebook page and on Instagram though I failed to post them here.

Over the holiday season I created a series of twelve drawings for advent based on names of Jesus. Please check out the album and leave a comment or feedback. I would really appreciate it.

In the new year I decided to use those images to create a mini calendar. I added a scripture verse with the name to correspond with the images and added the calendar for the month underneath. Did you notice I started the week with Monday and the weekend at the end?! I like to see the two days of the weekend together. 🙂


The card measures only 4″X6″(post card size) and is easy to hang on a string or garland with clips or simply pin one page at a time to your notice board.IMG_7918.JPG


Here are a few more glimpses of it:IMG_7917.JPG

IMG_7915.JPGThis was the first time ever that I made calendar but I enjoyed the process. I did have a few brainwaves in the process and I will keep these ideas on hand next time I work on a calendar.

Phir MIlenge!!

1 thought on “Names of Jesus- 2015 Calendar

  1. I really love your simple and cute illustration and how you put them together as a calendar. Do you have it for sale? Tell me if you do, I’d like to buy one 🙂 The super-sis series should be put together too. I’m sure you already have some ideas 🙂

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