The language without words

This morning , I chanced upon this cheerful sight. This gentleman, whom I saw in the bus,  was happily reading the notes of music from the sheets and enjoying the music in his head. While it is so common to see many youngsters shaking their heads to music it was the rarity of this event that drew my attention. I asked him for his permission to click his picture and sat down to talk to him till the time my journey in the bus lasted.

reading musical notes 2

music notes

He was happy to let me take pictures and mentioned that he was a pianist and his group would be performing the coming weekend in the community center. He said reading music was akin to reading a book , where the visualization happens in the mind and even though there is no sound to accompany the notes, he could visualize the music in his head like pictures. I am almost tone-deaf so I can only imagine what beautiful experience it might be to see music take shape in front of your eyes.

He was happy with his music, and perhaps amused at my curiosity. His was a sort of happiness that rubs off you. Did you notice the name on the cover of his music sheets? – Voice Dance! It paints a picture doesn’t it ?

reading musical notes

Meanwhile in my garden, these bleeding hearts bloomed. Spring is in full force in our part of the world – So many flowers blooming and so many baby- birds chirping all around.

Lamprocapnos spectabilis a.k.a Bleeding hearts

Lamprocapnos spectabilis a.k.a Bleeding hearts

I am soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of spring.


Notes of music

colors of spring

All things that make your heart sing.

What is your heart singing these days?

Phir milenge!!

Weekly photo challenge : from above

Find a subject and instead of taking a picture from in front of, at an angle, to the side, or from behind, take it directly from above!

For this week’s challenge I decided to keep up with the spring that has finally sprung in our corner of the world. We have had long and mostly grey winter this season and now that spring is in the air it is difficult to ignore.

Well the Actual ‘above’ shot is really not the most awesome or breathtaking photograph to look at but what is happening here is pretty neat. A new plant is just emerging out from the soil. However fragile we consider it to be it has the life force to push through the seed shell and the frozen compressed ground to raise its head  from under the ground.

jjb fern 1

jjb fern 2jjb fern 3Some tiny plants have come up.But let’s just have a look at what it looks from the side just for the sake curiosity. jjb fern 4


jjb fern 6 jjb fern 5

Looks nice right? It is so intersting to see the leaves uncoil and soon this little corner of my garden will be full  of thick fern leaves. 🙂

jjb fern

Phir Milenge!!


Snow and Spring!

Welcome Spring! This is how a typical first day of spring looks like on the Canadian east coast.

Snow laden trees

Not your typical spring Image I reckon.Fenced in snowAlthough the previous week was a sunny one and the snow banks had started to melt. It was a nice time to be out for a walk but this week not so much. Of course going out on a walk with a curious child is more akin to crawl. You have to stop ever so often to observe a bird, name the color of a car or try to read alphabets on posts and even a manhole cover.splash 1 splash 2 splash 3Last year , I wrote this post where I spoke about merits of spontaneity. At that time my daughter was still small enough to be taken everywhere in a stroller but now not only can she walk she also has ideas of her own as to what she wants to do . So as you can imagine I know that you have to allow for a lot of time and lot of cleaning for spontaneous fun.

Splash 4

Happy to see there was another mom on the block who did not mind a bit of mud!


We also got a glimpse of the sun today and I am hoping that it will continue to shine throughout the rest of the week.

How has your week been unfolding?

Phir Milenge!!

Spring surprise

There is something about our daily lives that it never ceases to surprise us. We expect progress and growth and when we see it we are surprised and sometimes moved with emotions.

Just a few days back I posted pictures from my garden of trees with bare branches. This morning I woke up to a different sight.


The garden appeared Much greener today than yesterday


It seems this transformation has happened overnight. Where was I when these leaves were slowly blooming?

Although I did not notice the change, My sister pointed out to me how different my daughter is looking. She looks like a toddler now. Why hasn’t each day registered in my memory when she was growing?


Drop by drop the changes gather

each drop too small to notice

We see them all at once together

a little pond of pieces


Motion comes to stop on a dime

A string of days is strung

Her step the marks of passing time

Seasons on trees are hung


We marvel,the joy and wonder

When and how we surmise

Moments some from time we plunder

Our memories are the prize

Phir Milenge!!

A googly!

LIfe and nature do throw us a goggly once in a while! I was gladly welcoming spring but suddenly yesterday night we got some flurries and I woke up to this sight today morning!



We have been getting snow flurries since morning and its a Gray and cold day. Despite the sudden setback in the weather, the leaves will continue to bud. They are still dormant enough to be not exceedingly damaged by sudden drop in temperatures. We know from experience that spring will continue on and then there will summer. This cold spell is not here to stay.

The scriptures record king David’s words, ” when my heart is overwhelmed Lead me to a rock that is higher than I”. When life throws me a googly, I can rest assured in the fact that a higher power is in control.

What are the things that give you strength to face the downturns of life?

Phir Milenge!!