Last week, almost Six weeks post the birth of my second daughter, I was able to revisit my old art projects. I posted the next in my series of hindi alphabet illustrations as well as worked on the sketchbook exchange.

Last week was also when I came across the following in a daily online magazine:

“The painter, Wayne Thiebaud, once said that “an artist has to train his responses more than other people do. He has to be as disciplined as a mathematician. Discipline is not a restriction but an aid to freedom.” Thiebaud insists that rather than being opposed to creativity, discipline provides the conduit through which creative engagement grows and develops freely.”

Oh ! I agree with the sentiment whole heartedly. I can tell you it was hard to get back to drawing after being passive for so long. It took longer to complete and I made more mistakes. I started this blog as another medium for self-expression – Started out as a mom-blog and then it converged with my drawing interests. Somewhere in between my writing lost it’s thrust and the blog went ignored for a very long period . Now, try as I may , I am yet to get back to my rhythm of posting regularly here. What my creative force still lacks is discipline. I have written about my struggle with disciplined creativity before but parenting two kids takes it to a whole new level.
Life with an infant is unpredictable. The daily routine I had going is not followed all the time. Depending on the baby, the schedule for my elder one changes. Sleeping, story time, reading and all other pursuits have to be constantly pushed around. Now-a-days my flair for story telling is limited to hashing out ever-new stories to get my three year old to eat her food or finish her chores (yes ! I have given her some chores . Yes . at HER age!but thats a topic for some other day) . With my mother around it has been easy. I have been able to find time to rest. I can’t imagine yet how hectic life will be when she goes back to India. The very thought makes me tense.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.

Corrie Ten Boom


Even though , I am not actually creating a lot of work, I am certainly observing more and observing more intently. Creativity demands a presence of mind and a presence of Your self. My hope is that all the mental notes that I am taking for myself, I will be able to bring them to fore when I actually sit down to draw or create. I am trying to be present.

present to see

present to feel

present to process

Rather than getting disappointed at not finding enough time to do the thing, I am trying to keep the momentum going, the thoughts flowing and the process continuing.

continue to explore

continue to dream

continue to steal from time…a moment here and a moment there.


Phir Milenge!!


Pages from Dina’s life


I have shared few more pages from little Dina’s life on my Facebook page, so today I thought of sharing her antics here. As she is growing up, her silly adventures are increasing and I must say more fun to watch!

To see the complete album click here.

Pages from Dina's life


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Phir Milenge!!

More Doodles

Here are the next five doodles from the Doodle-a-day-march challenge from ElloLovey. This time I went with pencil colours on paper.

Hop- creating a splash in the puddles

Hop- creating a splash in the puddles


What are you listening to?

What are you listening to?

Brave- Based on the parting of the Red Sea (Moses)

Brave- Based on the parting of the Red Sea (Moses)


Sweet- talk to me in tweet nothings!

Sweet- talk to me in tweet nothings!

TOY- train

TOY- train

As always , your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Wondering what medium to use for the next five?

Phir Milenge!

Naari (the woman)

“You are her (sarah’s) daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear.”

1 Peter 3:6

This women’s day is not so much about celebrating the women for me but to remind young girls of the potential they hold. As a mother of a daughter, I want to be a good role model. I want her to know that a woman can be soft, and gentle yet can be strong. Being strong doesnot mean becoming manly but to embrace our own strengths. Even in the animal kingdom a mother with kids is an easy mark but we know she can be the most ferocious beast as well. Our vulnerability can become our strength if we remain aware of it. The creative and nurturing spirit that God has breathed in us is our elixir.

Sometimes it’s the women who stop other women from being strong. In India daughters are discouraged by their own mothers to pursue education and forced to settle down in domestic roles. Here is my sketch for the day  and a short poem:


Roughly translated it means:

Not only good looks give me good qualities,

Give me a calm and strong mind.

My heart tells me this

a dream lives in you too.

You gave me your manners and talents

Why did you not give me the freedom too?

Give me my right today mother!

Say “be victorious” and bless me.

Become the wings of my dreams,

and come fly with me.

Let me fulfill my dreams mother!

then I will be called your daughter.

Happy Women’s Day to you all.

Phir Milenge!!

A cup of tea!

This weekend, I was supposed to make a map for my life and goals- where I am headed and how to get there but I had a creative block….. So just to shake up things a bit I started working on this random piece.

The hand drawn sketch:


version 1 colored on iPad:


Here’s version 2


I think the second version came out better than the first …I think the overall color scheme looks brighter. Which one do you like better ? Your suggestions are most welcome!

And while I did this, some new ideas for the map came into my head too now I just need to get started on that. Hopefully I will share that with you soon.

Phir Milenge!!