post 28: Mustering up words

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“My heart became hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue:” – Psalm 39:3

If Like me, you are from Delhi, India & living in North America then you’d agree that the last month has dealt a double dose of tragedy. First with the Newtown School Shooting  and then the brutal gang rape in Delhi . The details in both cases are shocking to say the least. Even with the high of Christmas and the holiday season I cannot stop thinking about the victims in both the cases.

I felt ashamed for all the times in past I chose to remain silent about being eve-teased as a young girl in Delhi. I felt sorrow for the families going through the loss of their loved ones. The questions that comes to mind again and again is  ‘what has this world come to?’. Even though , I do not have an answer, I firmly believe that there is still some goodness left in the world. Even if the bad seems so strong, eventually  the good will emerge victorious. In trying to articulate what I was feeling , I came up with the following few lines:

Would you believe if I tell you ’cause I know this is true

there is a God in heaven who knows you through and through

He knows all your questions; He knows all your complains

He sees all of your sorrow and he feels all of your pain


The lives that were taken on that  dreadful friday morn

are not lost, are not forgotten and surely not alone

a life was violated, out of a moving bus was thrown

he knows that too and with you he does also mourn


if he hears our cry for mercy, for justice and solution

why does he not act right now and remove our confusion

why does not he save us now from crime and persecution

reveal himself and take away our spiritual pollution


Would you believe if I tell you ’cause I know this is true

God has a plan and in his time he knows just what to do

Though we struggle now in due time we’ll surely understand

how sorrows lead to the fulfillment of, his plan- good and grand


With so much pain abound in the world ,you ask , how it can be

that God is good & true, but Have you not heard of the enemy?

We must think, find answers and some action must be taken

but in the midst of all our doubts, God should not be forsaken


The battle rages on so strong in the heavenly realm as we speak

Wait my soul, on him do trust, and his wisdom you do seek

There is grief and pain on this earth but there is peace in eternity

And one day we will overcome and rejoice in God’s victory

Over the past few days I have read some articles with facts that have shocked me and words comforted and have resonated with me. I am listing those out for you in the hope that some of these might help you articulate your own questions and feelings on these issues.

A message from Ravi Zacharias on Newtown tragedy

this film maker verbalised the questions we all have about the Delhi Gang rape and what it tells about a nation.

This editorial made me think about safety of women

One poem on the Delhi Rape case 

Another poem on Newtown tragedy

Shocking article on What some Indian policemen think about rape.

Phir Milenge!!

Splashes of color!!

In north of India today, the festival of Holi is being celebrated- it’s also called the festival of colors. It is a two day Spring festival and the second day is celebrated with colors: throwing colored-water filled balloons and powered colors on each other, There is singing and dancing and the fun cuts across all ages, races and castes. The celebrations are exhilarating and you cannot miss it even if you don’t follow the precepts of the Hindu religion. My friend Mona puts it this way, “To me this is a celebration of culture and color…got no sense of religion…only one of nostalgia, laughter and camaraderie!”

I have such sweet memories of the time all the kids from the neighborhood would rise up early to prepare our balloon ammunition, position ourselves on rooftops and let no passer-by pass by without a splash of color, while mom would be preparing special goodies for the afternoon when the festivities would end. I am now thousands of miles away, no color infused celebration outside my house, nor any celebration planned with any NRI association. Although I don’t have any pictures of Holi celebrations at my house to look at, I spent a part of my day thinking of splashes of color.

First, some not so great ideas. The first shot I took was of this building in my neighborhood which recently got a face-lift and I took some pics while shopping at my local grocery store. Store lighting didn’t do much for me.

Some yellow flowers with a punch of red!

Then I got home and took some more pictures. The first one was easy, my daughter loves her colorful toy engine and blocks. Some colors, candies and chocolates and my colorful collection was complete.

Seeing color in ordinary things of life , made me smile. I hope it would get you too. If you would like to see pictures of Holi celebrations around the world follow this link .

Phir Milenge!!