Weekly Photo challenge: Unfocused

I clicked this picture over the weekend.

My daughter and a friend’s son refused to pause and pose for pics . To me this picture is meaningful as it records their quick movements.

Another unfocused picture of my little one shaking her hands  to hear the sounds the bangles make.

Phir Milenge!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

From a distance, they seemed together. Engrossed as if in a game….and a deep conversation. It seemed they could not be bothered about anyone or anything around them.

Were they together truly?

Being in close proximity does not mean togetherness . Does it?

For her it was a momentary pause….a rest from her tiring day…..

He had been waiting for someone to come along in his direction. A temporary relief from his loneliness. For years he has been sitting there, watching people come and go. some stay for a moment and some longer but leave they eventually do.

Soon she will be on her way and he will remain there as before.

A silent togetherness, a moment no one felt, a time no one saw.

This sculpture called ‘The Winner’ of a man playing a game of chess is installed in Century park , Calgary AB along 8th Ave.

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Phir Milenge!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Sun – the light, the heat, the sheer energy. It shines on all places on the earth, on the rich or the poor, the high or the low, the mighty and the meek.

For this week’s challenge, I decided to post pictures of the sun from the east, the west and the middle……I mean one from India, the other from Canada and the third from the Middle-east.

Taken on the train journey to Tanjore in India

As the earth was winding down another trip round the sun, We were in a trip of our own, like migratory birds flying to India for holidays.

This one was taken in Jasper, Canada

Although you cannot see the sun directly, its rays dancing on the surface of water are exhibits of its presence.

The sun is a brute force in the Middle east. The evenings are a welcome relief from the sun’s wrath. I could not find a picture of scorching sun over the desert in my collection, I did find this one of the iconic Burj-al-arab hotel with the sun setting behind it.

The Sun –  It shines everywhere!

Phir Milenge!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

This week’s theme is really good.

Personally I have made a journey from the east to the west and I feel privileged that I have had the chance to see the good and bad of both worlds. These two images represent the two worlds that I belong to.


This first picture was taken on a sunny august day on Lake Moraine. It was peaceful and quiet and a lovely experience.After a long drive and a hike it was beautiful to soak in the beauty and serenity of the place.


Contrast that to this one….a chaotic journey to work ….. the van was too full to carry any more but one spot was found. It is something common to India, bursting at its seams, yet the country seems ready to embrace one more person , one more life.

Phir Milenge!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged 2

I do not usually post 2 entries for the photo challenge but I had this idea that I simply could not pass up.

These photos are from my wedding day eons ago in India. As a new bride my hair were arranged neatly into a bun and adorned with flowers and beads. My aunt-in-law did this at home and it took one hour to style.


This is how the style looked from the back.


These images surely brought back memories of my big day and brought a smile to my face. Hope you like the arrangement.

Phir Milenge!!