Post 6: Family tree

First off: This is NOT an original idea. If you look around on Etsy or Pinterest you would find a number of graphic artists creating (and selling) some really awesome graphics and have created family tree graphics. So this piece is inspired by those original ideas. That said, I drew this graphic with my own two hands at my home.

My sister and brother-in-law would soon be moving into their new home and I created this as their house warming gift. Birds making their nests are near perfect symbols for a new home. I love the weaver bird’s nests and I decided to use that in my graphic. Rather than creating intricate details and shading , I decided to keep it minimal with bold colour blocking.

My first attempt was a bit more colourful but I felt keeping the tree and leaves in grey kept the focus on the birds, the nest and the lettering.

I am excited to see this printed, framed and displayed in their new home.

Phir Milenge!!

Flowers blooming Garden-Garden

Well the post title is a rather unpolished translation of the Hindi Phrase “Phool Khile Hain Gulshan-Gulshan”.

There used to be a popular 80’s TV show by that name, featuring the host interviewing famous film and TV personalities but I am not talking about any celebrities here, instead some real celebrities of nature that show up for sometime and grace our gardens…….the blooming flowers.

I have been meaning to share this picture of peonies from my friend’s garden since last week but kept postponing it until now. Such a fragrant large-headed blossom. I just loved it.

Be careful when you clip peonies from the garden. Some (not all!) varieties of Peony flowers are actually opened by ants which are attracted to the nectar. My friends shrub was loaded with over 20 blooms that day, so heavy that the stems were all toppled down with the weight.

The climber rose is growing on the side of my house and is fully laden with bunches of rose blooms. It smells amazing. I love to see this plant everyday.

Last but not the least some lilies lining out back yard. This shot actually comes close to the fleur-de-lys ( the stylized symbol often used as decorative symbol and also graces the flag for the province of Quebec in Canada)

Of course there are plenty of other flowers and wild flowers blooming in around the area I live in . Only if I could remember to take my camera with me on my walks.

What is in season in your area?

Phir Milenge!!

Sun, Shadows and Birds

Today is turning out to be Lazy Saturday.  Usually Saturdays are meant for taking care of the weekly chores and tackling my to-do list. Not today. All of us got up late and after a quick breakfast spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the sun.

I am almost envious of people and places down south where spring has arrived in its full glory. The onset of spring is usually slow up north. Although perennials are blooming, & some shrubs are greener, most big trees are still leafless. A sunny day like today provided an excellent opportunity to do almost nothing and observe everything.

I like the  branches of this old maple on my street against the blue sky.And the shadows it cast on the road.

What differentiates Shadow from shade? In common language the phrase “in the shadows”often means something that is hidden and concealed. Sometimes we are afraid of what lurks in the shadows……shadows are when light is hidden or blocked out but isn’t  shade merely a shadow that protects us from the burning sun? …. I digress….. But I do like observing the patterns in shadows.

Me but not exactly!

Held Captive by what she saw

So far I have not planted any thing in my garden, but what was planted last year is springing up from the ground.

I am looking forward to May long weekend to work on my garden. Hopefully by that time I would have a clearer idea of what all the previous tenants planted and what more I need to do, and What I want to do.

So far I haven’t been been able to hop over to my neighbors for a bird watching discussion and coffee as mentioned in my earlier post, but I did see some sparrows taking up residence in a few of their many birdhouses.

I have had a good start to the day, Although I did not do much , I definitely saw a lot. In the sweet nothingness of it all , I did get to spend some time my family, hearing my daughter laugh and point out to each bird or squirrel that she spotted and watching my husband watching her. Precious!

Sometime laying aside the chores is the best thing you can do.

Phir Milenge!!