The language without words

This morning , I chanced upon this cheerful sight. This gentleman, whom I saw in the bus,  was happily reading the notes of music from the sheets and enjoying the music in his head. While it is so common to see many youngsters shaking their heads to music it was the rarity of this event that drew my attention. I asked him for his permission to click his picture and sat down to talk to him till the time my journey in the bus lasted.

reading musical notes 2

music notes

He was happy to let me take pictures and mentioned that he was a pianist and his group would be performing the coming weekend in the community center. He said reading music was akin to reading a book , where the visualization happens in the mind and even though there is no sound to accompany the notes, he could visualize the music in his head like pictures. I am almost tone-deaf so I can only imagine what beautiful experience it might be to see music take shape in front of your eyes.

He was happy with his music, and perhaps amused at my curiosity. His was a sort of happiness that rubs off you. Did you notice the name on the cover of his music sheets? – Voice Dance! It paints a picture doesn’t it ?

reading musical notes

Meanwhile in my garden, these bleeding hearts bloomed. Spring is in full force in our part of the world – So many flowers blooming and so many baby- birds chirping all around.

Lamprocapnos spectabilis a.k.a Bleeding hearts

Lamprocapnos spectabilis a.k.a Bleeding hearts

I am soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of spring.


Notes of music

colors of spring

All things that make your heart sing.

What is your heart singing these days?

Phir milenge!!