Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

A challenging theme indeed.

Recycled Art

Last week I visited a Local mall and saw an installation which was “unusual” in one sense – it was made of all recycled material. The lady at the information desk could not tell me whose brainchild this was and I was really intrigued. I was thinking of using in a post one of these days but the photo challenge seems like a good fit.

One skylight between two floor was converted to look like a marsh. The water, the lotuses, dragon flies and marsh grass- all made from recycled materials.

The water is made of plastic bottles.

A closer look at the flowers.

And the dragon flies.

Marsh grass and flowers made of soft drink cans.

Tree groves made of cardboard. The escalators showed water waves and jumping fishes.


A closer look.

Quite unusual. Eh?

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Phir Milenge!!

Its easy to have fun

Sometimes stopping to observe something for a little while can make our experience of the ordinary – extraordinary. Our visit to the mall today was one such chance.

This mall has a water fountain with sculpture of children playing with the water.This reminds me of the time me and my sisters would go to create a splash in a stream near my grandma’s house in Kerala on warm summer evenings. For a while there we did not need expensive fancy toys or a large yard. The water became our playground and  our toy.

Later in another part of the same mall, I noticed some children observing another water fountain with great enthusiasm  and excitement.Talk about a case of art imitating life.

This one was not a big fancy fountain, nothing special one could say.

Children being children were happy observers. Every 90 seconds a tall spray of water would shoot up and the children would clap or shriek with joy.


A simple object can become a toy and a simple fountain in a mall that thousands pass by can become a source of fun for children.

As the Good Shepherd said about children, ” the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children” …..

Note to self: Although there is a lot that our children need to learn, we can learn a lesson in innocence from them. 🙂

Phir Milenge!!