My lilac tree is bipolar!

Look at this …. a flowering Lilac tree (or a bush if thats what you’d like to call it). You’d see a thousands of those this spring.

Lilacs in bloom

Lilacs in bloom

but hold on a sec, here is the other half of the tree.


You won’t see any blooms this side. if you strain your eyes you may see the deadheads where the blooms were last year.

head on

And here is the tree shot head on …..the flowering and the non flowering side divided right in the middle.

I spent most of yesterday taking pictures of spring blossoms in and around my neighbourhood. When it came to the lilac in my back yard I noticed it had flowers only on one side.As hard as it seems what I am about to tell you is true. I have a bipolar Lilac tree in my back yard.

bipolar meaning

Oh ! about the spring round-up  of my neighbourhood…. you can find those images on my  Facebook page. Click here for the album.

Do you think plants have a personality?

Phir Milenge!!