India in my heart : in the Kitchen

If kitchen is the heart of your home , you would understand where I am coming from. Any and every thing that you hold dear to your heart will find its way to the kitchen. It’s a place where projects are done, new recipes are tried and where the family comes together.

This is especially true of an Indian family. Every person of Indian origin is sure to have one or two items that are distinctly Indian in their kitchen cupboard.

For this photo montage I chose an Idli maker & a brass pestle and mortar. Other items that I have seen at my friends houses – a coconut scraper, a kuttuvellakku (a brass lamp stand), An Idiyappam maker and even a cast iron kadai (indian wok). The list could go on and on.

Of course lots and lots of spices….some generic and some very specific to some regional cuisine.

My love for spicy food has found another dimension ….Pickle. These are not some vegetables soaked in vinegar kind of pickles…there are full-bodied, potent mixes of veggies, spices and oil. I noticed today how many kinds of pickles I have in my kitchen cupboard…..Ginger, garlic, mango, Chilly, lime, mixed vegetable etc. I sometimes make some pickles at home like this carrot pickle which usually have a short shelf-life than the store-bought ones. I can have pickles with any thing, a pizza and even with a sandwich.

My kitchen is the heart of my home and a slice of my home in India.

What gems and memories are hiding in your kitchen closet?

Phir Milenge!!