’twas the weekend before christmas

The weekend before Christmas the greater Toronto Area got a dose of severe winter weather. It created a lot of havoc – downed power lines, power outages and delayed flights etc.  The city crews were working round the clock to restore power to as many as soon as possible but it still seemed like a lot of people would be spending christmas by the candle light.

You can imagine, with outdoor temperatures well below the freezing point, a house without heat and power can soon turn cold. without electricity not only are you in the dark,  you loose heat, hot water and can’t even cook  (many household still use electric stoves-ovens). additionally lots of businesses lost power too and were not functional. the roads were slick and those were not the best driving conditions.  As for us, our apartment building lost power and we stayed indoors for two days but the third day we decided to move to a hotel, so that we could be warm and take a shower.

Thank fully the power was restored on the third day and we were able to come home on Christmas day. It was a Christmas day miracle for us.

1489613_254956704661457_2111417355_o’twas night before christmas, huddled on a hotel bed
the little family struggled, to be warm and to be fed
three days ago to the city, icy storms had come- a- visiting
the roads were slick, the trees were down and power went-a-missing,

but the little family wasn’t alone, there were others all round
no heat no power no place to go,  the problems did abound.
there was kindness of strangers, love and charity to be seen
People lending helping hands and serving, willing, able and keen

Christ had come to the manger, christmas to the room in a hotel
when troubles comes little things matter, we all know too well
Faith and family , love and hope can keep your spirits high
Lord’s gracious hands can lead you through when troubles are nigh

Plans may not always turn out as hoped and even fall apart
the silver lining to it is hope and God who never departs
 the hours of darkness, truth is the shining light
A merry christmas to you all and to all a goodnight!

Even as I type this, there are still some families in the dark and the city crews are working on clean up and power restoration. The hope is that it will all be sorted out by the weekend.

Phir milenge!