Last year I created my ‘joy to the world’ card. This year I drew two more scenes from the Christmas story to complete the trilogy. Together they created a nice nativity scene.


Here is a detail of the ‘three wise men’


Detail of the ‘angel meets the shepherds’


Phir Milenge !!

Alphabet project

Here is a little update on my Hindi alphabet project- I have drawn concept sketches for all but one letter and also have drawn final drawings for almost 12 out of 50 letters in the alphabet.

The theme that I chose to work with animals or the living world with a dash of cuteness and wordliness. I am digitally drawing the images so that I can create a power-point for my daughter later to show this on a screen.


Out of the fifty letters in the Hindi alphabet, four are known as khaali (empty) letters. These letters can be part of words but have no word beginning from them. In an online discussion my friend Suzi came up with the idea that these were probably the naughtiest of the letters and therefore could never be in the front of the line. I liked the thought but it wasw hard to represent so I came up with the idea of sad monsters taking these naughty letters away. 1410698_250074561816338_478725985_o1294579_246688688821592_2022728363_o  1465973_249246145232513_2113449734_o


As always feedback is welcome. For the complete album CLICK HERE.  

Phir Milenge!!

Meet Dina!

This little girl has been making an appearance in my sketching lately So I brought her here to introduce her to you all. She is a  naughty and cute girl and her head is full of ideas!

“Mom said she gets a white hair, every time I get naughty or make her sad”, so she asked:


The other day she ran with her tongue sticking out

imageShe loves to day-dream.


To see more of her adventures please go to my facebook page, where I often post my photographic outings and pages from my sketch book. I hope you would like it enough to hit the Like button.

Phir Milenge!!

WIP: Shepherd boy 2

Here is the next drawing in my shepherd boy series. I wanted to show the boy and his sheep praying under the tree.

shepherd boy 1

shepherd 2

Still I am unsure how I feel about it. I think too much detail in the tree is distracting from the boy. While I rethink about it , would you please let me know your thoughts and suggestions?

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