A cup of tea!

This weekend, I was supposed to make a map for my life and goals- where I am headed and how to get there but I had a creative block….. So just to shake up things a bit I started working on this random piece.

The hand drawn sketch:


version 1 colored on iPad:


Here’s version 2


I think the second version came out better than the first …I think the overall color scheme looks brighter. Which one do you like better ? Your suggestions are most welcome!

And while I did this, some new ideas for the map came into my head too now I just need to get started on that. Hopefully I will share that with you soon.

Phir Milenge!!

Post 26: Christmas Art

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas season is upon us. For some it means a time for religious contemplation and deliberation, for some others celebration and partying and for some of indifference.

While I admire and enjoy all the celebrations, decorations and traditions surrounding Christmas or the holiday season, I cannot help but reminisce about my early Christmas experiences. I grew up in a lower-middle class Delhi in India. Ours was a Christmas without the bells and whistles. It was about Jesus and him alone. The renewed awareness of God coming to earth in human form to save the souls brought with itself an added awareness of the great commission and so followed many weekends of prayer, outreach and carol-singing. A celebration despite and in-spite of our circumstances. There was no christmas tree – they were to be found in some big churches as decorations; No Santa Claus –  he only came to award the excellence in sunday school or church activities, and no stockings stuffed with stuff. Our celebration included coming together as a church over a pot luck meal and as family meeting over dinner and it was a joyful time.

Okay, I did not start this post with this lecture on mind (may be I`ll do that in a post later) rather to share with you two drawings that I created for the Christmas time.

This would be my daughter`s second Christmas and my nephew`s first. I know many moms are looking online for Christmas graphics for the first and second Christmas celebrations to use in scrapbooks, table tags or cards and I thought of sharing with youfun and and whimsical little graphics that I created. second christmas first christmas You can print and frame these images in mini frames and hang them with ribbons on the tree or use them in the baby`s scrap book.

The last image I want to share with you is of the nativity scene from my house this year. I traced my daughters hand and drew Joseph, Mary and the three wise men in the fingers and the baby Jesus in the palm. This idea features finger puppets, henna patterns and Madhubani drawings all rolled into one.  I am very happy with how it turned out in the end.

image 4

As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Phir Milenge!!

Post 17: In small packages

I recently painted some mini canvases 4″ X 4″ with acrylic paints to gift to some friends whom I was meeting after a long time at a reunion of sorts. I started out with painting the flowers  and one woman in madhubani style but later moved on to depicting flowers and birds in no particular style. I received very positive and encouraging response from my friends and thought of sharing the canvases on my blog. Forgive me but I took the pictures intermittently while some canvases were still in progress.


Painting a mini canvas was inexpensive. I painted 10 canvas boards and costed me under 20$. The canvas boards were on sale at my local craft store and I had the paints on hand. It  could be challenging as the work space is small and one needs to be extra cautious. It took me a lot of time to paint especially because I had to do it while my daughter took her day time nap which is extremely short.


If you paint a mini canvas, you can  display them on mini easels or You could stick some magnetic tapes to the backs of the canvases so that these could double up as fridge magnets. With the festive season fast approaching , hand painted mini canvas magnets would be an excellent return gift/ party favor and a great stocking stuffer .

Phir Milenge!!

Post 10: revisiting the ‘Forests of Honey’

I had mentioned in one of my previous posts about my fondness for the madhubani (the name literally means forests of honey ) painting style.  I like its simple form, rustic , freehand drawing style, vibrant colours and most of all its story telling style. The drawings are almost always two-dimensional. While some paintings show one dramatic scene from a story, other style overlays multiple frames from a story into one (see example here) Although I do not have any formal training in this art form , it struck a chord with me. so far I have been doing some drawings depicting stories from the Bible and scenes of daily life and even my daughter 🙂 (mostly for my own collection, some hang in frames around my home and some gifted to friends)

It is almost impossible to sit down with a pen and paper with my daughter around( she is so into scribbling that you cannot bring a pen or pencil around her and not let her draw!) I recently tried drawing one on my iPad. I must say, it came pretty close to drawing by hand on paper. I have done some sketches on the iPad previously but nothing with tiny details like this one. I am happy with the result though I must say I need more practice. here is a sneak peek:

The scene I chose was from the Bible when an angel appeared to prophet Elijah to encourage him (found in 1 kings 19)

Even though the resolution and canvas size is limited , I am very pleased with the outcome.

Kudos to makers of ipad and Sketchbook ! I think I would be revisiting the ‘forests of honey’ more often again!

Phir Milenge!!!

Post 6: Family tree

First off: This is NOT an original idea. If you look around on Etsy or Pinterest you would find a number of graphic artists creating (and selling) some really awesome graphics and have created family tree graphics. So this piece is inspired by those original ideas. That said, I drew this graphic with my own two hands at my home.

My sister and brother-in-law would soon be moving into their new home and I created this as their house warming gift. Birds making their nests are near perfect symbols for a new home. I love the weaver bird’s nests and I decided to use that in my graphic. Rather than creating intricate details and shading , I decided to keep it minimal with bold colour blocking.

My first attempt was a bit more colourful but I felt keeping the tree and leaves in grey kept the focus on the birds, the nest and the lettering.

I am excited to see this printed, framed and displayed in their new home.

Phir Milenge!!