India in my heart: Accessories

I am a very simple person but I like to dress up on occasion. Especially if it is an occasion which would require me to dress up in ethnic wear.

Confession : I do most of my buying in India but I do love to scout the local-Indian shops for their collections.

Apart from Indian fabrics, I love all sorts of accessories although I personally don’t own as many pieces as I would want. 🙂

The hindu bride usually wears 16 items of adornment called “Solah Shringaar” which includes the wedding dress, necklace, earrings, nose ring, toe rings, bangles, armlets, waistband, bindi, hair and head ornaments as well as kohl (kajal) lined eyes, flowers, perfume, henna and vermilion(sindoor). Different regions have different style of accessories and some accessories are worn all across the board….religion and region notwithstanding.

The diversity of designs and styles of accessories is amazing. There is a huge list of items that can be covered in this topic but I will reserve that discussion for later.

Do let me know if you own some special pieces of ethnic accessories.

Phir Milenge!!

India in my heart : Babies’ stuff

This is a repost of the last. The page did not turn out as nice as I had hoped. The mistake has been noted and duly corrected. Hopefully this one would be more appealing.

I cannot and do not wear my “indian-ness” on my sleeve. Yet, there are some mementos that I have kept that are a whiff of the fragrance of my beloved home country. Ask any first or second generation mom of Indian origin and they would tell you that they love dressing up their kids in ethnic wear for special occasions. When I dressed up my little doll in an Indian dress, I was almost in tears.

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I hope She will grow up to love the bright colours, textures and patterns of Indian fabrics. I hope it will remind her of her roots and she will be stronger for it. Dressing my daughter in ethnic wear is one way I keep India in my heart.

Do you have any mementoes that you have kept in your heart?

Phir Milenge!!