Jaajaabor is a term from the Bengali language, roughly translated it means wanderer. A nomad if you will.

My name is Soni. I am a wife, a new mom and a newbie blogger. I was born in India, lived & worked in the Middle-east and I now call Canada my home. My family comes from different parts of India and lives in different parts of the world. Between the members of my immediate family, we share 7 Languages, 6 Indian states and 5 countries!

My experiences both good and bad have shaped and refined me, People and places have left their impressions……. and I have been blessed. I have discovered that the journey of our life is as important  as its destination. I sure am glad I have got some great people along on the ride. I believe in second chances and fresh starts. Every day is a chance to start afresh.  Seeing beauty and goodness in everyday things gives me great joy.  Simple things inspire me and I am inspired by other people’s creative pursuits and courage.

I have always been creative and I dabble in drawing, handicrafts, photography and writing from time to time. In january 2013, I self published my first Children’s Illustrated book.

As a first time mom , I am embarking a new chapter and seeing the story of life move forward. My personal and spiritual wanderings may resonate with you and I hope this space will become your place for simple ideas, inspirations, and random musings. I believe a journey is best enjoyed with people and our joy will multiply because we are in it together. 🙂

Copyright information: Unless otherwise indicated all photographs and content is created by me. If you want to use it please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to share. I always try my best to give credit to my sources but if you find something on this website not properly credited, please let me know and I will correct it.

Phir milenge!! (that in Hindi literally means ‘see you again’)

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jaajaabor! I’m glad that you left such a positive comment in my post… found your blog. How artistic and colourful… I’ll be surely looking forward to your future posts… All the best n as I would love to do what your name suggests – be a wanderer!

  2. Hi, Soni, and thanks so much for your kind words on my article in the magazine as well as the blog. Congratulations on self-publishing your first book — that’s awesome! I have to admit, I haven’t had the courage to make the self-publishing leap yet. But maybe soon. Let’s definitely keep in touch and maybe even collaborate on something at some point!

    Thanks again. Have a fantastic day and week!

    (Oh, and your daughter is adorable, by the way. :>)

    • Thank you ! I had my article published in the same edition of TII too! it ‘s about my immigration experience. I think its page 56 or 57. And Yes, a collaboration or exchange sounds exciting! hopefully soon!

  3. Jaajaabor – I was wondering what that was, thanks for explaining, now I could totally relate to it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and also for teaching a bit of hindi … Phir milenge 🙂

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