Crunchy memories

We have had a beautiful beginning to fall.



A couple of nights ago we had some rains which resulted in the ground covered by brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow in the morning. When I went out for a walk in the day, my almost 4 year old daughter wanted to walk on the fallen leaves and no sooner did she step on them she commented ,”mom! I am walking all crunchy.”

That triggered a memory of walking with my grandpa through a small part Of rubber plantations in late kerala summer with crisp leaves crunching under my feet. I had exclaimed it sounded like I was walking on pappads. I hadn’t walked through so many fallen leaves before. Most trees in my neighbourhood in Delhi were evergreen; some leaves did fall as winter approached but trees were never bare. ( nor was there such a display of color)


With so many differences between us, the sense and sound of dried leaves crushing under our feet and our excitement over the multisensory experience of fall remains same.

Over time my daughter and I may not agree about lot of things but till then I will savour the double- crunch of this moment. Here and now.

phir Milenge!!

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