That’s what my almost 3 yr old daughter calls alphabets- Alpha-butter.

I am trying to teach her hindi alphabet nowadays and for the want of cute looking hindi alphabet graphic books, I decided to make one myself. What better use to put my drawing skills to! The theme I narrowed down upon is the animal/plant/natural world with a dash of cuteness (that is what she likes!).

There are almost 50 alphabets in the hindi language including the vowels and the consonants. The vowels also have a separate symbols system called matraa which when used with the consonants produces sounds.The problem however is finding the right word to fit an alphabet. There are some consonants that have no word that begins with them – they are part of lots of words but no word that actually starts with them. I have been struggling with some to be quite honest.

So now I am putting my struggle out there – out on social media asking friends to help out. Here is a list of alphabets (circled) for which I need suggestions. Suggest names of animals or activities they might be doing or something in the natural world that can be used. You’ll also see here a sneak-peek of the kind of graphics I am creating.alphabet list Scan 8If you have any friends and family who know the Hindi Language, please feel free to share this link with them.

Phir Milenge!!


3 thoughts on “Alphabutter

  1. Alpha-butter is so adorable! Hehe, really.

    I wish I could be of assistance to you but I have no idea how to help you here as I really have no clue about your language.

    I can however comment on the pictures and other design-related things 🙂 I think it would be best if you keep to one thing only on the cards… either animals either something that they are doing. I think the cards have to be consistent in this, so that the child is “searching” for that one thing only, not thinking about which one it is. And the “what they are doing” might help you with the words that do not exist as you say.

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