in the folds of the concertina

Some time ago I spoke about a Concertina sketch book project that I entered in with six online  friends all of whom are artists in their own right. A lot has happened since then. I got and drew in some of those Concertina sketchbooks.

A lot has happened since then. My own sketch book got lost in transit and so did Sandy’s. Our friend Pavinee was kind enough to start new back-up books on our behalf and they are on their way half way across the globe. Today I thought I will share with you what I have been drawing. Since we had promised not to share complete works, I only going to share a sneak peek and not mention which art work is for whose book.

nina's sketch

I must admit , I am thrilled to see how well these books have been crafted and packaged , some came with a note attached and some came with a theme but all did what they were supposed to yello umbrella copy yello umbrella 1

They forced me to think about my own style of drawing and subjects that i choose and how I choose to draw them.


I must also mention observing other people’s work and styles has been an inspiration. It has been good 4 months since we started and we have been able to connect as artists and as friends.  Just going over these snippets here has made me realize that I already have drawn in four sketch books and there remain only two more to come my way.

I am waiting for my own concertina book to complete its journey so that I will have works of my artist friends to keep.

Phir Milenge!!


4 thoughts on “in the folds of the concertina

  1. Beatiful, Soni, lovely to see some sneak-peeks 😀 Very colourful and happy art work, and I really love the cultural connotation in all your work!
    & a VERY happy anniversary to you 🙂

  2. It’s so cool to see the snippets of your works and the one I saw in real life is absolutely beautiful. I only got the chance to draw in three of them (mine included) and I take this opportunity very seriously (can’t do it in any other way I’m afraid). We are sending each-other little pieces of art and there really is a lot of inspiration coming out of them. Looking forward to all the images we shall reveal once this is complete.

  3. Thanks for these sneak peeks, so lovely. Yes, I too have enjoyed this project and love seeing your work up close. I really like your style, it’s links to your personal heritage and the colours. It really is a wonderful project. I am very grateful to be part of it.

    • Soni – just saw this posting and the idea is great – i always love your artworks too
      it is the simplicity of them with the focus so clear…….

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