Relocation -Relocation- Relocation!

We have moved ….again !!

Thankfully, this time it is another city in the same country and time zone! As a result of my recent move I have been largely missing in action here but such is the life of a jaajaabor(nomad) and I cannot complain. If you have ever moved in your life, you may already be able to understand that I have had some extremely busy and stressful couple of months behind me. The process of moving begins not with the packing of boxes but with making up of the mind.

When the new employment opportunity opened up for my husband, it was exciting but the thought of moving , packing and unpacking seemed daunting and then there is the most tedious of tasks to let everyone know and to say good bye. The obvious question anyone asks is “why” and though I had prepared a reply, sometimes I did come across as a bit unsure. The factors that we had considered were not only to do with one person’s career growth but the overall Quality of life and yes, the spirit of curiosity and adventure also played its part. As a family with a little 2.5 yr old, we realize our future moves would be limited and already we are tempted to lay down roots in one place. It was a fairly long process to make up our minds to take up the offer and move. At one point in time we were shuttling between two cities on a weekly basis, looking for places to rent and trying to get acquainted to this fast(er) paced city.

The real job of moving began with the process of packing and even before we called for the packers and movers, we decided to do a bit of purge and clear by ourselves. I must say I consider myself a discerning consumer and a sensible buyer- not buying with the trends and instead focusing on my needs. Nonetheless I was amazed to notice how many things had been added to my house and life since our last move some two years ago.

When we finally moved into our new apartment , I was exhausted and overwhelmed with the unpacking and settling-in that lay ahead of me. We employed a moving company to help with the packing and may be the things got packed according to their size or how they fit into the boxes, but things from the same room or cupboard ended up packed in a different boxes. It was a big sorting puzzle and I was not game for it. However to put a positive spin on things , I decided to take it in my stride and from then opening each box was like opening a gift box- a surprise lay ahead of me. (the fact that the move actually happened over my birthday weekend had something to do with it too!)

Sketch 2013-09-09 16_16_59(1)

I am happy to report that we have moved into our new apartment. The kitchen and rooms are functional and even though some boxes are yet to be opened and sorted, it is starting to look like a home and not a storage unit anymore. As I type this, the leaves of the maple tree outside my window have begun to turn red ( yet another indicator of change) A new season of life is beginning.

Phir Milenge!!


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