Advertising in the Fifties

On a recent visit to my local public library , I found this book with advertisements from the 50’s on the table. I picked it up out of curiosity and then took some interior pictures of the book. I am interested in graphics and layout design and fifties in that sense has been golden age of television and may be even of advertising.

Among other images the book also had an image of the movie poster 7 years of reflection  with a picture of Marilyn Monroe – the quintessential american curvaceous beauty.

Movie poster

Movie poster

another Movie Poster with another iconic beauty Audrey Hepburn:

movie poster

A few Advertisements:

advert advert advert

The fifties was a time of recovery from the world war 2 as also was it the time that saw emergence of Rock n Roll and Pop art. I think it was the very beginning of Pop Culture. There is something very characteristic about the fifties that is hard to put to word.

I am actually kicking myself for not stopping by to click a picture of the cover of the book to give proper credits to its publishers and compilers. On my next library visit I would look for the book to get more information the title.  If any one of you has any information please let me know.

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