Concertina sketch book

Walk with the wise and become wise – Proverbs 13:20

Sometime you see such exciting things happen around you that you have to pop-in to ask “what’s going on ?”. Well I did that recently when I poked my nose on a Facebook conversation thread. During my last online course, I was able to connect with some real artists- women who make their living making art or make art that actually sells. Well, the discussion among 6 of my artist friends was regrading an art swap which soon evolved into creating an art swap of our own. I asked if I could join and as luck would have it, these lovely ladies allowed a novice like me to join in. I hope to do a separate post highlighting the works of each of these artists but as of now you would need to be content with the links included at the bottom of this post.

The idea was to create concertina or accordion fold sketchbooks with seven pages which we could swap among each other …each drawing on one page and at the end of it we would have our sketch books back with seven lovely art works- ready to display. Come to think of it , what an honor to put my art next to the work each of them would create and actually own an original piece of their art!

Step one was to make the concertina book which was an exercise in measuring and folding.

Gathering all the Supplies

Gathering all the Supplies

The book - measured and folded

The book – measured and folded

We decided to reserve the last page of the book to put the route our sketch book would take so that the next person would know who to mail it to. Each book would be mailed to the next person hopefully on the first of the month.

My sketchbook came out less than perfect. It was my first attempt and hopefully I will do better next time.

The book from the Front

The book from the Front

I forgot to add a closing mechanism for the book (either twine or ribbons). But another discussion thread gave me an idea. We were discussing the possibility of including a sample page from the sketch book so that each of us could try the paper before actually starting to draw/paint /create in the art book. So I created a book sleeve out of the same sheet of paper I used to create it. I am hoping this sleeve would become a piece in itself with color splashes from various artist’s pallets. As of now it looks very plain.

Concertine Sleeve- the plain white sheet would be full of colors (hopefully ) by the time it gets back to me.

Concertine Sleeve- the plain white sheet would be full of colors (hopefully ) by the time it gets back to me.

Last but not the least: we decided to include a sneak peek of the art we created in our books:

photo 5

I am excited to see their work and learn from what they create. Here are the links for artist’s involved in this Accordion Art book Swap:

Pavinee and her etsy shop

Esther Lankhaar

Suzi Poland

Sandy Palencar

Nina Ninia

Yvonne Dekker-van Luit and her shop

Phir Milenge!!


4 thoughts on “Concertina sketch book

  1. Hi Soni. Lovely book, I actually had the privilege to hold it in my hands ;-), I continued the story you began with the lovely drawing you made. Hope you”ll like what I came up with.

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