What if you needed a 100 solutions?

For the last week’s team assignment for The MOOC that I am taking the students were asked to think of  a problem related to pets, find at least 100 solutions and present one idea from the hundred. For a video presentation the time limit was one minute or less.

As you can guess the three parts of the assignment were to :

1. Frame the problem

2. Brainstorm a solution

3. Tell a story for the Final idea.

I have never owned a pet in my life. Thankfully the team I was working with came up with some really interesting ideas we could consider.

 How do we improve the environmental impact of pets?

Go beyond finding suitable homes for pets and instead find – and create, using breakthroughs in GM science – suitable pets for homes. What pet attributes should we combine and why?

However the one we chose to go with was this – Pet Ownership is Cruelty! Challenging the assumption that, just because we love animals, we should keep them as pets. We said that in many cases this can be brutality, not kindness. The question was, “How do we save animals from this Brutality and treat them as our equals?”

The best part of the assignment was of course brainstorming. I was introduced to bubbl.us website which is a good tool to use if you have to brainstorm ideas. You can create and share a bubble diagram with in members of a team and everyone can add to a diagram. After the initial 10-15 responses there would come a  lull but then someone would come up with one crazy idea that we were able to build off of that. Since we were encouraged to keep going till we find 100, it really pressed us to think hard. One of the important aspect of the creative process is to look at multiple solutions before you actually start. I learnt that sometimes we do get stuck with the first idea that comes to mind and the best way to remove a creative block is to think of other solutions even those which seem bad or impractical at first.

Final solution :Suffra-Pet Movement (pet ownership is cruelty campaign)

On the lines of Suffrage movement of of late nineteenth century, Animals have started to stand up for their rights and liberties. Major breakthrough was invention of animal-communicator devices. International organizations have been formed. They are demanding the right to vote and parliamentary representation and new legislation defining their rights- pet insurance, tax deductions for pet owners, defining domestic violence and abuse,  protection etc.

Here is the final twist in the tail (pun intended): Suffra pet movement. Click image.

pet equalityIt was an exciting excersice in thinking about the story telling style. How you present your idea can have as much impact as the idea itself. Let me know your thoughts on this presentation.

Oh and here is another one of the submissions that you might enjoy watching.

Phir Milenge!!


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