Weekly photo challenge : from above

Find a subject and instead of taking a picture from in front of, at an angle, to the side, or from behind, take it directly from above!

For this week’s challenge I decided to keep up with the spring that has finally sprung in our corner of the world. We have had long and mostly grey winter this season and now that spring is in the air it is difficult to ignore.

Well the Actual ‘above’ shot is really not the most awesome or breathtaking photograph to look at but what is happening here is pretty neat. A new plant is just emerging out from the soil. However fragile we consider it to be it has the life force to push through the seed shell and the frozen compressed ground to raise its head  from under the ground.

jjb fern 1

jjb fern 2jjb fern 3Some tiny plants have come up.But let’s just have a look at what it looks from the side just for the sake curiosity. jjb fern 4


jjb fern 6 jjb fern 5

Looks nice right? It is so intersting to see the leaves uncoil and soon this little corner of my garden will be full  of thick fern leaves. 🙂

jjb fern

Phir Milenge!!



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