Minding the mind

Currently I am enrolled in another creativity course online. The latest assignment requires us to take a walk outside for 30 mins and record our observations. Keen observation being the key to unlocking creative potential.

I went out for a prescribed 30 min walk but I tried to keep the observing mind ‘on’ for the whole day. I think I noticed most new things in the library where I usually tend to go straight into the catalogue and then to the shelves to pick up the books I want. these are not just observations from the walk but from the whole day. All the things I noticed are too many to enlist but here are the most important ones or the ones I spent most time observing.


Spending time to think about things and taking time to observe our surroundings is a good creative habit to get into I think . Last time I did something like this was when I made this creative courage road map.

What creative journey are you on ?

Phir Milenge!!


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