Work in progress- Shepherd boy

Taking an inspiration from Paige Keiser’s blog, I have decided to share some work in progress pictures here ( she has been sharing some pages from a dummy book where she has tried some different layouts/ coloring schemes for her book’s pages). I am starting to develop new ideas about a picture story book for my daughter and this would hopefully be a good platform to discuss the narrative and the drawing composition, aesthetics, colour palette . I am still in the draft stage of character development and haven’t finalized  ‘the look’. Hopefully by the time I am through with putting this dummy together I will have a much clearer idea.

Here’s dummy page 1:

Shepherd boy

The Shepherd boy- the starting point.

I traced and coloured my sketch digitally. first with the bright and dark colours that I usually gravitate towards and later with a muted colour scheme.

greens are too bright here!

greens are too bright here!

Slightly more muted colours with a more filled up sky

Slightly more muted colours with a more filled up sky

Your thoughts are welcome.

Phir Milenge!!


12 thoughts on “Work in progress- Shepherd boy

  1. are you planing to re-write a classic story or get a new story going altogether.
    Either which way, i like the artwork. Are easy on the eyes and hopefully will be nice for kids to read. I remember old Tinkle comics when I see this …:-).Much better artwork in the olden days than we get today.

  2. Nice to see your work in progress here. I always love looking at other people’s working method. Love how you toned down the blue on pants and lighter green looks fresher and more inviting to me. Want to know what the whole story is about now 🙂

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