Journey of dreams

Last month, I invited some of my friends to share the journeys of their life. as I asked them to think about these questions 1. What was on your must-have/ must-achieve list when you were 15-16-17? 2. What is your life like now? 3. What are the most important lessons you have learnt so far?. I would be publishing their stories in a series I wish to title “the journey of life” which is also the tag line of my blog.

I met Aakanksha during my architectural studies where she was two years my junior. This is her journey of dreams.

I knew when I was in class 9th that I wanted to be an architect. But right when this “real” dream was taking shape with it was this dream of winning a Grammy someday and write for the backstreet boys. A lot of people would say that these are dreams a lot of young ladies would have, now which teen girl back in the day did not have a crush on Nick Carter?

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Ok that apart I remember that I wrote these mushy backstreet boyish kind of songs and very seriously head out to find the email addresses of the 5 boys. I had a plan: I started on the task of making the biggest fan site of the backstreet boys which would gain popularity and then would get me contacts and eventually some email id of the backstreet boys to whom I would then mail the songs (it was pre-facebook and twitter !). Eventually when my song would be selected and become popular, I would then win the Grammy.

A lot of people would dismiss it as a childish dream (and I will not completely blame them) but my dreams were always about arts and the medium of expression-either through writing or theater or drawing or architecture. I never dreamed of being the top 20 management gurus of the world, I dreamed of art and expression. It makes architecture and design seem like an obvious option, though wasn’t necessarily as thought out as it seems. But as far as achieving my dream is concerned well – I still want to get down to writing a book (over years writing has become a passion and goal! ) from songs, to plays, to articles, to a book…the dream has changed shape but has essentially remained the same.
Many more dreams have gotten added over the years – the dream of having my own firm and seeing it grow. The dream of having a furniture factory someday. And now also the dream of having time for family and keeping them happy. I guess dreams will always change and modify but essentially will always stem from the same person and will be closely linked to his/er evolution.

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