Last year, I created this post about colours in my neighbourhood because I was missing the fun of Holi Festival in India. For immigrants festive celebrations are a great way to reconnect with their roots and if you happen to find a community celebration it adds to the joy of celebration. This year I stumbled upon the following blog post of Holi celebration and I am reblogging it with permission. I hope you would love the images as much as I did !

Like the Ocean

Click for the GalleryIt was lot of fun at the Holi Celebrations. I did not expect such a crowd, it took more than an hour just to get the parking and get to the premises.

Apart from the music, dance, Holika Dahan (burning of Holika), food & fun – the colors and the celebration definitely make this a photographer heaven. This was one of my first try, shooting an event. The experience was very different from shooting landscapes. Interacting with people, getting to know about them was not as intimidating as I had thought 🙂

Lot of folks were so open to being photographed and even asked where they can get the shots. If you were one of them feel free to get yours here.


These shots are from 2013 Holi Celebrations at Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago. These were taken at a public gathering with a good will and understanding…

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  1. Hi Soni – “… festive celebrations are a great way to reconnect with their roots …”. How very true. I took my kid to see, enjoy the celebrations and to instill the cultural values at the same time. With the world becoming more global, it is all about finding and building the local community that works for oneself. Interestingly I see a lot more westerners getting deeply involved with these community events outside of their culture too. Things really are becoming global ….

    I am glad you stopped by my blog and connected up. Just went thru some of you posts and love the illustrations. Will spend time to read more abt you and your book too. Thanks , Have a great day !

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