Doodle done

The last six prompts for doodle-a-day-march. Must say I really enjoyed working through these – This time I am back with my Colour pencils !

#present- A little present for mom

#present- A little present for mom



#couple – Although a bird and a cat are not the best of friends, Sometimes they can be curious!

#heart- Wherever your heart is there your treasure will be also.


#Stars- Who didn’t pretend to be a star while playing dress up !!


#start – Knitting is always most exciting at the start!!


#joy- Jumping for joy !

Its interesting to find some inspiration on the blogsphere. It makes me think and refine my ideas and ofcourse become a great place to see other artists at their craft. Check out ElloLovey’s blog and Look for #doodleadaymarch on instagram for other great entries.

Phir Milenge!!


1 thought on “Doodle done

  1. The knitting one has somewhat a inspiration hidden within it. To get to something, YOU have to START. Nice enjoyed each one though.

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