Snow and Spring!

Welcome Spring! This is how a typical first day of spring looks like on the Canadian east coast.

Snow laden trees

Not your typical spring Image I reckon.Fenced in snowAlthough the previous week was a sunny one and the snow banks had started to melt. It was a nice time to be out for a walk but this week not so much. Of course going out on a walk with a curious child is more akin to crawl. You have to stop ever so often to observe a bird, name the color of a car or try to read alphabets on posts and even a manhole cover.splash 1 splash 2 splash 3Last year , I wrote this post where I spoke about merits of spontaneity. At that time my daughter was still small enough to be taken everywhere in a stroller but now not only can she walk she also has ideas of her own as to what she wants to do . So as you can imagine I know that you have to allow for a lot of time and lot of cleaning for spontaneous fun.

Splash 4

Happy to see there was another mom on the block who did not mind a bit of mud!


We also got a glimpse of the sun today and I am hoping that it will continue to shine throughout the rest of the week.

How has your week been unfolding?

Phir Milenge!!


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