Mapping a creative path

In the beginning of the year I enrolled in an online course called Creative Courage. It was a six week long eCourse aimed primarily to helping one find and flutter their creative wings in a sense.

One of the exercises that we were asked to do was to create a creative road map. The purpose of this exercise was to create a visual reminder for ourself of where we want to go, and what we need to get there. It took a lot of time for me to think what I wanted to do and I think I have something now.

My first thought was to use a circle (completion, connection , radiating lines- some of the concepts in my head ), I wanted to use a map in some form and create a kind of a scroll.

Part-1 – The land

WIP - traced a map of Central Delhi

WIP – traced a map of Central Delhi

I thought of using the map of New Delhi, a place where I grew up, it was a fit because the central delhi is planned around a circle and hexagon. One thought that popped into my head while tracing the map is that while we use a map in a linear fashion to get from point A to point B, a map actually lays out the whole field of options to us. It tells us how to reach where we want to go and in case we loose our way, it can show us alternate routes and can help us to get back on track too. Even after living in Delhi for many years, I have had to go round in circles in central Delhi, sometimes more than once to get to my destination. I found this quote and My map took off from there.

Quote 1

Quote 1

Part-2 – Connections

Doesn’t life have more than one track? all inter connected? I used a transit style map to denote the three tracks.



WIP-2 - Different Tracks

WIP-2 – Different Tracks

Different personal, spiritual, professional and dream tracks…. all interconnected though and I added some of my own thoughts.

Quote 2

Quote 2

part- 3 Action Plan

I needed to list out what I wanted to do and various steps I wanted to take. After all I did want some directionality and a plan for moving forward. I chose to go with an Outward-in path. The final outcome was a hybrid of a solar system and a bulls eye. Ideally as I keep getting closer to the centre I will be closer to realizing my goals too.

JJB 1 jjb 2 jjb 3

Putting it all together

Choosing colours and thickness of the bands

Choosing colours and thickness of the bands

adding words

adding words

I ended up adding colours to the delhi map because it was appearing too blank/white. What do you think ? Was it a wise move or should I have just left it blank?

Final map hanging on the wall.

Final map hanging on the wall.

I hung the map on the bulletin board in our house (its longer than the board). I put it along side some images from India which always cheer me up. Clockwise from left: An Odissi dancer striking a pose ( a university campus map in the back ground), the snake charmer puppet from Rajasthan, pictures of Paintings by Indian artist Manjit Bawa and picture of colourful bangles.

The final dimensions you ask- 26″ long and 10.5 ” wide. I don’t think I will make a scroll out of it though….. may be put it in a frame.

Oh and remember, ” before you head out on your journey, make sure you are carrying the right map and you will be able to find your way home” – yours truly.

Your feedback, critique and comments are all welcome.

Phir Milenge!!


11 thoughts on “Mapping a creative path

  1. I really like this project….It’s funny, I was just doodling this morning in my journal a visual path that I seem to be taking…kind of all over the place, but I always end up right where I need to be. I do need to work on setting goals though! Thanks for sharing! I think it’s great! : )

  2. Oh, what an inspiration you are to me , my Dear ! ….I am so impressed with your whole presentation… I , too have been busy with too many other things, and will , this week, get to to my road Map ! Thank you for the boost, I ” do ” Art every day, but must think with my heart a little more ! I musty LEARN HOW TO ” DO ” A WEB SITE…. !!! I think I have a lot to share… and perhaps that will enable me to do so ! I LOVE your lovely thoughts ! Dear CC Sister….I hope to see more of your work… I didn’t see your address in our “Pen Pal ” list….??? You may Contact me if you care to….Joni Giarratano

  3. Love your explanation and process – and yes, the map works better with colour imho 🙂 Fab idea to put it were you and others can see it everyday, bravo.
    Still haven’t done mine properly…

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