Three Six Six


Three hundred and sixty six days ago I published my first post on this blog ! Yes! that’s just my way to tell you my blog just turned one !

Last year this time , I was typing in my very first post and I had butterflies in my stomach. I was so nervous! I knew that I wanted to explore the blogging world to connect with people and also to find my own voice among many. I did not have any purpose or agenda in mind and no direction where I wanted to take this blog…… a mommy-blog, an opinion blog , a faith blog or something else all together. I was overwhelmed by the idea of creating my audience, creating my brand and may be one day – one day gain some monetary benefit. I did not know how long I would be able to sustain it. (confession- I had started my first blog in 2008 and wrote only a few posts and never went back to it)

I did not know much but this I knew that Life is a beautiful journey not only in its ups but also in its downs and even in the plateaus  when we think nothing much is happening. I was stuck on a plateau myself. My maternity leave had ended and I did not have a job to go back to. I was looking for community and an creative outlet and in the blogging world I found both. As I have realized in the last year, blogging is more about connecting with persons individually more than a mass audience. I also realized that I don’t necessarily have to divide my self into tiny fragments, my work, my opinions, my crafting/drawing effort, my mommy-ing are all part of me and that is what my blog is all about- The journey of life and all the everyday, common , mundane pieces that hold it all together and make it worthwhile.

Mine is a still a small blog and I have got a lot to learn but this journey has been every bit enjoyable!

To those of you who have written wonderful, beautiful, stylish, inspiring and lovely blogs themselves- Thank you – You have been an motivation & set the bar high.

To those of you who followed this blog and to those who stopped by and left a comment- Shukriya, karam, Meherbaanee!! (thank you,  your favor and grace on me!)


After all that is what matters!!

All of March – I have asked my friends to join me on this ride and I will be sharing some of their work with you in a series of guest blog features. So Keep tuned in!

Phir Milenge!!

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