Rising with the Billion

it is one of the posts that lingered in my drafts folder for longer than it should have. You may have hear about the one billion rising movement which was celebrated on Valentine’s day. It’s a movement to show the world that violence against women is a serious issue and that it needs to end. In India, it added further momentum to the winds of change already blowing after a heart wrenching gang-rape and murder. The crimes against the weal and the vulnerable still going on around us, being aware of the issue is the first step towards changing it.

He was strong

or so he thought

in a drunken stupor

he picked up that bat

and hit you

while the children cried

on the sidelines.

He was strong

so he could hit you

for asking questions too many

he thought his strength

would subdue you.

No more will you dare to think out side the box.

You were weak or so I thought

you let him hurt you

and you did not speak

or stood up to him.

You let your tears flow

mixed in the blood.

You told the kids

it will be alright

yet you did not walk out.

As blood flowed down

the sky was filled with your prayers.

He was strong

but one day

he saw his weakness face to face

he realized he needed grace.

he came to the person and the place

of justice mercy and forgiveness.

like the encounter on the road to damascus.

He was changed and so were you.

You were strong for you stood up

in your own way and in your time

unbeknowst to me

change was happening from within

what I saw as weakness was

indeed a sign of strength

like baapu your fight was for peace

your methods strange

you were fighting for change.

You were strong

for you changed

a heart of hate to a heart of love.

Yours was a blessing unique

for often the change we seek

comes not easily to us.

it is a tideous long process.

Speaking up is the call of the hour,

we have to shake the people up

from their ignorant sleep

from the power drunkenness.

For the pen would become our sword,

our voices echoing the storm

that a billion dancing feet create.

United we all can

move mountains and

through the pain we bear

a new way can be forged

for the next generation.

The fruits will show in their season.

Till that time we stand on guard

and in the gap

to build a bridge

to change the hand that hurts us

to the heart that cares.

Phir Milenge!!


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