Switching it up!

Sometimes I am amazed at all the beautiful things you can find if you just take the trouble to look for them. A very recent trend in homedecor has been decorative switch plates to match the decor of your room. No more of those boring white switch plates. Now-a-days most electric big box stores carry coloured and decorative switch plates. Recently I spotted these beautiful switch-plates at a friend’s house.  The tenant before her had purchased them in Quebec city, installed them at the house and left them there when she moved. I just had to take pictures and share them here!

photo 3-1 photo 1-2 photo 2-2These switch plates look like miniature pieces of art (not like art with lot of  holes). Unfortunately , I only had my phone camera at hand to photograph them so they do not look as pretty in pictures as they were in person- high quality of finishes and beautiful pictures in themselves. I would have to look for similar products the next time I am in Quebec city.

There are many decorative switch plates available if you look around in Etsy too. I guess I have one less excuse to go on with the same-old-same-old! 🙂

What beautiful items are filing your life today?

Phir MIlenge!!

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