It’s Bubbling!!

They say you can never learn to swim by standing ashore. Even though I have been in the water, I never ventured deep enough to really swim. The only one time I was in deep waters, I was clutching on to my  life-vest and my husband who was swimming besides me. Even as a young girl I quit cycling when the time came to remove the training wheels. Something deep inside me is afraid of getting hurt. I came across the term ‘catastrophic Imagination’ on the blogosphere somewhere. It eludes to imagining the worst possible outcome of any given situation.

I cannot tell you how many things I backed out from once I realized there was one small chance of failure. Some failed attempts s where I did try something new and go out of my comfort zone continue to discourage me more than the encouragement some successes could provide. As such I have been most happy in my own shell, although the desire to go beyond keeps popping its head. I loved doodling and creating since childhood and thought well of myself.  When I studying architecture, I was blessed to be in the company of very talented bunch of  students and professors, yet instead of learning from them I increasingly shrunk into my own shell. I saw their work, immense talent that they had and felt very very small. I felt I was no good. I wish I had not done that.

You can imagine , how much emotional energy I would have wasted before I started this blog. But this journey has been worthwhile. With every post, even though I questioned myself and doubted my efforts I became better. I realized somethings that hold a lot of value to me may not mean anything to others but that should not stop me from trying. Here on this blog, I have been able to share some drawings and poems online that I would have otherwise considered too silly to share.

Once again , I am bubbling with small new ideas of things I want to do and even if my fears are pulling me back , I am making a few strides forward. I shared sometime ago that I have been working on some drawings , So I thought I will share one of those with you.

Peter sinks

Time will tell how far my little drawing project will go. Hopefully I will share the details with you soon.

Phir Milenge!!


2 thoughts on “It’s Bubbling!!

  1. Its beautiful! I hope you realise that most often, we are our own worst critics. Fear of failure is what holds us back. getting over that can be liberating. Good luck with your new drawing project 🙂

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