Boiled eggs and all randomness!

Have you ever had one of those days when your brain is all cluttered with random bits and pieces of information? I am having one of those days today – No clear agenda on what I am going to do, say or write !

I had a boiled egg for breakfast even though I totally dislike it. I like eggs though- scrambled, omlette, sunny side- but not boiled. It has something to do with the egg white : its almost solidified and in your face. Its the egg white that I find totally tasteless and even the Bible agrees with me here:

New International Version (©1984)
Is tasteless food eaten without salt, or is there flavor in the white of an egg? – Job 6:6

It felt good to quote from a big source on this [grin].

The bigger question here is why did I eat it and why I am giving the details of my sad breakfast with you? Well I ate it because my husband couldn’t finish his in the rush to get to the office. So instead of wasting it I thought of eating it. Early in the morning I read through this article about the hundreds of children in India who are perishing because they do no thave enough to eat. Some times even if you are aware of the grim realities of the world, You learn to distance yourself from them. Today was one of those days when I couldn’t turn my face away. Least I can do today is be thankful to God for the food on my plate. I thought that the blogpost would be a good avenue to share that article. Side note; I have given up tea  …again (new years resolution….what was I thinking ?)…..and I miss it !!

On the subject of sharing, I stumbled upon this beautiful website where inspirational quotes from famous people are adapted into cartoons. It’s called Zen pencils and I became a fan immediately.

On my end, I have been drawing a lot too but its mostly personal notes or birthday cards. here’s a sneak peek on the two I worked on recently.Birthday graphic JJB BIrthday 2 JJB

I haven’t been out with a camera in a long time now and this week, weather permitting, I’d like to click some new pictures.

I consider myself very blessed to have had this opportunity to stay at home with my daughter. It gives me a chance to not only take care of her but also allows me time to pursue some of my hobbies. However, I am looking for a suitable day care for my daughter and starting my job hunt again. I am not sure of the results it will yield but I am going to give it a try none the less. The new year is still fresh and I am excited to see how it unfolds.

Phir Milenge!!


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