Post 31: Taking stock

Almost everyone makes a list at the year end – Every tv channel , magazine, newpapers make lists of one kind or the other – even me; and otherwise list-hater. My husband is often surprised that we get our grocery shopping done in our once-a-week grocery run without a shopping list.

Every year- end I look at all the picture from the year to remind myself of the happenings of the year. Not just what I can remember from the top of my head but small things that have been recorded photographically but I have otherwise forgotten. I look at last year’s calendars for major events and even new clothes I bought. I like doing this kind of memory recap at the end of every year especially since I got married.

In 2012, I had another record of sorts to look through, my blog archives. This is not my first attempt at blogging. I started a blog in 2008 but It was abandoned after a few post and despite my attempts at reviving it, I gave up. This blog however has been different because I was able to find an online community of like minded people, inspiring writers and artists who have kept my interest in blogging alive. I also realized that I had a lot more things I wanted to say and I had the time to sort out my thoughts and write them. My aim at starting the blog was to not only to journal my life’s experiences but also to grow and learn. As a stay at home mom , blogging provided me an opportunity to connect to people from with in the comfort of my own home and in between feedings and diaper changes.

In this year I published 125 posts, almost 5400 views and 90+ followers. I have to say I never thought my blog would ever be read by anyone beyond my immediate families. So Thank you to all of you who stuck around. I have also started to follow many blogs and I have learnt so much from those artists, travellers, thinkers, adventurers, writers, and cooking aficionados than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for broadening my horizons and letting me be a part of things I haven’t done, places I haven’t seen or food I haven’t yet cooked/eaten. Your words have been a doorway to newer experiences.

This post also coincides with the completion of my project- Sententia 31 which I started specifically to keep my self on track, Improve the quality of my posts and to keep my self encouraged. So here is a snapshot of how I fared.



I hope the coming year would bring you refreshment, reenergize you and renew your hopes and goals.

Phir Milenge!!


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