Post 29: Snowed In

Yesterday we got almost 45 cm of snow, setting a record of sorts for maximum snowfall in a day for this city. Thankfully, my husband is off work till the new year and he is home today to shovel the drive way and walk. With him at home , I got some time to play around with my camera.


We really had to dig our way out of the house.

IMG_2226Thankfully the city authoritiesĀ  were up to speed in cleaning the sidewalks.

IMG_2220The neighbor’s car – It would be difficult to get this one out!


IMG_2211Some pigeons decided to stop by!

IMG_2219A bit of icy branches- tree tops glistening!!

IMG_2208 This tiny icicle made my shot of the day!


I hope you have been finding things or ideas to keep yourself busy even when you are snowed in

Phir Milenge!!


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