Post 22: Zentastic!!

I have been trying to improve my drawing skills for some times and like all good things practise makes perfect. I recently found out about the trend called “zentangle”. It has been around for quite sometime now but I found it recently thanks to the blog-o-verse.

JJB zentangle 1

many say drawing Zentangles is akin to meditation, you focus so much on each stroke that it filters your thoughts and focuses your energy……. I must say that drawing these intricate patterns does require a lot of focus and ofcourse improves your drawing skills. It was a fantastic way to practise drawing patterns for me(hence Zentastic!!!)


One of the Drawing and Communication professors in my Architecture school used to say that our line work was a lot like our handwriting (revealed a lot about us ) and also reflective of our state of mid . The picture above proves the point , you can tell that this square was done at two different times and you would know which part was done with a calmer frame of mind !! Right now I am just drawing in my notebook but I can’t wait to get my hands on a zentangle book of patterns to explore and learn more !!

There are a lot of videos online and the zentangle website and blog have useful resources if you might feel like trying them on your own.

Phir Milenge!


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