Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This week’s photochallenge is linked to the US thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving Day in Canada has been a holiday on the second Monday of October since 1957. This year we celebrated it on October 8! Giving of thanks should not be limited to  one day of the year but done continually. Here’s is what I am thankful for this year:

you might be curious to know why someone would be thankful  for this small run down house? Well this is a diamond in rough. This house in a remote village in India will soon become a Child Development Center under the aegis of Compassion India. We have had the privilege of being associated with this project via our home church in India and this last trip we had the opportunity of going in to the village and seeing the lives of the “have-nots”of the society and the great need that exists.

This small building houses 7-8 orphaned /abandoned boys from various parts of Maharashtra, residential accommodation for the house parents who take care of the children and small office/guestroom. This is another project from Houses of Hope International that is happening in India. Though our involvement in these projects is limited, Some of our family members are involved physically in this and other similar projects. You can find more information about these projects from the websites linked above. I might share stories from the Houses of hope cared for by the Harvest church India some other day in detail.

My reason for choosing these images is simple. In our daily lives it is easy to forget people who are deprived of the resources that are available to us. These images are reminders of what we have been given and what could happen when we (all collectively) give back – we can bring positive changes in people’s lives.

The post would be incomplete if I don’t quickly get onto the second part of thankfunessl. I mentioned what I am thankful for but to whom? Thanks is given for things to someone.  I am thankful to my family for loving me unconditionally  and my friends for standing by me And I am thankful to Him – my divine father from all my fountains flow!With hands raised and head bowed I offer my thanks!

Who is at the receiving end of your thanks? let them Know

Phir Milenge!!


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