Post 20: It’s not easy!

An old hindi movie song goes like this :

दिए जलते हैं  – candles are lit
फूल खिलते हैं  – flowers do bloom
बड़ी मुश्किल से मगर – but with great difficulty
दुनिया में दोस्त मिलते है- friends are found in the world

This week a friend of mine moved around 4000 km away to another province and that made me reflect on the power of a loving friendship. When I moved to this city a year and a half  ago PB  was another face among strangers. Her family had moved in to the city a few weeks before us but they had lived here before. We met in church and slowly became friends; having kids the same age helped too. Her daughter is only a few days older than mine. Watching them play together as tiny tots has been fun!

Over the course of time our friendship grew and having friends eased life in a new city. Our girls loved to play together. And now they are moving back. Although I  am happy that things have worked out well for them with this new move; I am saddened to see them go.

I consider my self blessed to have some really good friends. Here is a little something I made for PB as her parting gift. Its a combination of scripture verse with Madhubani-style drawing. (I am not a trained Madhubani artist, I just like the style and its story telling style and like to draw in the style!)
Isn’t this true! our friends really do refresh and strengthen us. Its not easy to make new friends as adults but  it is most certainly worth the effort.

Phir Milenge!!


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