Post 17: In small packages

I recently painted some mini canvases 4″ X 4″ with acrylic paints to gift to some friends whom I was meeting after a long time at a reunion of sorts. I started out with painting the flowers  and one woman in madhubani style but later moved on to depicting flowers and birds in no particular style. I received very positive and encouraging response from my friends and thought of sharing the canvases on my blog. Forgive me but I took the pictures intermittently while some canvases were still in progress.


Painting a mini canvas was inexpensive. I painted 10 canvas boards and costed me under 20$. The canvas boards were on sale at my local craft store and I had the paints on hand. It  could be challenging as the work space is small and one needs to be extra cautious. It took me a lot of time to paint especially because I had to do it while my daughter took her day time nap which is extremely short.


If you paint a mini canvas, you can  display them on mini easels or You could stick some magnetic tapes to the backs of the canvases so that these could double up as fridge magnets. With the festive season fast approaching , hand painted mini canvas magnets would be an excellent return gift/ party favor and a great stocking stuffer .

Phir Milenge!!


3 thoughts on “Post 17: In small packages

  1. Hey Soni, my gift sits beautifully on my bedroom dressing table reminding me everyday of you (and your creative side ……………) as I look into the mirror. Thanks so much for the lovely gift!

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