Day 13: September- Photoaday- Part 2

So here are the next five prompts from Fat Mum slim’s September photo challenge.

6. Every day: Take a photo of something from your every day, or something that happens every day.- Egg’s for breakfast …thats a given for everyday….sometimes they are over easy, scrambled or sunny side up!
7. Natural: Take a photo of something natural {in colour or else}. – I think this is spirit island in lake Maligne in Alberta , canada. It is so beautiful.
8. At night: Take a photo at night. – Somehow this picture of the christmas tree from our home came to mind for this prompt. May be the nippy weather made my thpught fast forward to christmas!!
9. Something you do most weekends: Do you sleep? Eat? Play? Party? Snap it. – among the many things I do most weekends, Grocery shopping made it here for the simple fact that my toddler daughter has started to enjoy her trips to the store and screams “ap-an” (her word for apples everytime she sees them.
10. Hero: Who do you look up to? Share. – MOM!

Phir Milenge!!


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