Post 12: september-photoaday-part 1

I have been following Fat Mum Slim’s monthly photocallenge as a passive observer for sometime now but this month , I decided to join in with my own snap shots. Since I have not been able to create a daily post, I decided to do a gallery of 5 pictures at a time.  So here are the first five prompts and my pictures.

1. You, now: A photo of you at present. So a self-portrait. A photo of your reflection. Or a photo of a photo. – this is not the most recent picture of mine but this is e`xactly what I look like today!
2. Father: It’s Father’s Day in Australia. Take a photo of your dad. A Dad. A father figure. Etc.- This picture is of my husband and daughter together. He is a doting dad!!
3. Far Away: Take a photo of something far away, as in distance or time-wise.- I liked this picture of the moon in distance one fine morning as we drove out of the city.
4. In my mailbox/postbox: Take a photo of something out of your mailbox, or inside your mailbox. – This package just arrived and was a perfect fit for this challenge!
5. Bright: Take a photo of something bright. Or someone super smart. Or something just bright!- Picture of a bright sunny winter day. Although I just posted it for another photochallenge, I could not resist repeating it.

you can find the photaday challenge on various platforms like Facebook, or Instgram, or Twitter or blogosphere or Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr et.  If sharing to Instagram or Twitter, add the hashtag #FMSphotoaday.

Phir Milenge!!


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