Post 10: revisiting the ‘Forests of Honey’

I had mentioned in one of my previous posts about my fondness for the madhubani (the name literally means forests of honey ) painting style.  I like its simple form, rustic , freehand drawing style, vibrant colours and most of all its story telling style. The drawings are almost always two-dimensional. While some paintings show one dramatic scene from a story, other style overlays multiple frames from a story into one (see example here) Although I do not have any formal training in this art form , it struck a chord with me. so far I have been doing some drawings depicting stories from the Bible and scenes of daily life and even my daughter 🙂 (mostly for my own collection, some hang in frames around my home and some gifted to friends)

It is almost impossible to sit down with a pen and paper with my daughter around( she is so into scribbling that you cannot bring a pen or pencil around her and not let her draw!) I recently tried drawing one on my iPad. I must say, it came pretty close to drawing by hand on paper. I have done some sketches on the iPad previously but nothing with tiny details like this one. I am happy with the result though I must say I need more practice. here is a sneak peek:

The scene I chose was from the Bible when an angel appeared to prophet Elijah to encourage him (found in 1 kings 19)

Even though the resolution and canvas size is limited , I am very pleased with the outcome.

Kudos to makers of ipad and Sketchbook ! I think I would be revisiting the ‘forests of honey’ more often again!

Phir Milenge!!!


2 thoughts on “Post 10: revisiting the ‘Forests of Honey’

  1. Hey nice attempt.. I liked your theme.
    If you do not mind, I can see that you are interested in Mithila / Madhubani Art, but do not know about it. if you want to learn more about the Art form you can check my blog.
    it might help you in improving further..

    btw I do make Madhubani Paintings both by Hand and Digital ones too with help of mouse… or digital Pen. You can find set of both paintings in my blogs..

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