Post 8 : Orange

I was looking through some of my old drawings recently and I realized I use yellows and oranges a lot ….in fact orange shows up in almost every sketch or drawing. It is one of my favorite color. When my daughter was born , I wanted to steer away from the cliched pink for baby girl and I was totally into orange. All this to tell you of my love for orange color and that I had to stop and take a picture when I saw the  following at our local mall…. one of those small things that make me smile.


…..sometimes some silly things make you laugh.…here is a PJ(poor joke) that floated in to mind as I clicked the above mentioned picture :

Knock! Knock!!


Orange Who?

Orange u glad I’m here ?

I was sure glad to see you, orange scooty vespa!

and sometime some old memories make you feel happy.…simultaneously , as I clicked the pic and I smiled at the joke, I was reminded of the warm early winter afternoons in Delhi, When oranges would be in season and one of the favorite things to do during those afternoons was to lie down in the sun on the coconut coir charpai’s (cots) with friends and neighbors and enjoy the oranges! we would sit outside until the sun set (we hadn’t heard of sunblock yet and who knew SPF?) those were worry free happy days!

It’s surprising where our train of thoughts can take us . but I was thinking orange today. Is there any color that comes to your mind today?

Phir Milenge!!


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