Post 5: when technology gets the better of you

You have all reason to doubt my mathematical skills….after all four comes after three not before and five follows four not three. In this case however, I am safe to say that technology got the better of me. Seeing how much I have been lagging behind in meeting my blogging goals, I decided to jump ahead by creating a day four post and put in it auto-publish mode with a date. But my day three post took so long in the making that by the time I pushed the publish button, the post four had already hit the bolgosphere. (lesson learnt- keep sufficient time between the post being worked on and one of auto-publish!)
This is not the first time I have been overwhelmed and outwitted by technology though. I must confess I am not a self learner when it comes to gadgetry and computers. My younger sis however, learns to master these with in few minutes of laying her hands on them. Growing up in India in the 80’s has meant that I have been able to live in the radio age , the black & white tv era and then transitioned to computers and lived to witness the current technological revolution. I was super excited when my parents bought home a color television with a remote , it was a big deal ….. That meant my sister and I didn’t have to be the remote. Our neighbor’s telephone was our first number – india was like that (big grin) …… It was a matter of pride for our neighbors to share. they would happily call uncle jee from next door when his relatives called from out of town And a tea session ensued while uncle jee waited for his relative to call back. It was a big community builder, I must say. Our first telephone connection took more than 6 months to come by, and then we were on tea duty as well, but soon enough phones became more common place and the sharing caring spirit of the neighborhood was limited to winter knitting sessions of Aunty-jees and morning walk/yoga sessions in the park.( even those are becoming rarer by the day).

I still remember my unpleasant first date with our automatic washing machine. It looked fancy with all it’s buttons but it made such noise on it spin cycle that I almost ran out screaming ( I actually did run out screaming) and then there were video games ( sorry Mario , I could not rescue your girlfriend or for that matter proceed beyond world 1) I think the hand held controller was my undoing and you can very well imagine my shock and awe when I saw the current Xbox and play station controllers for the first time, it had controls on sides; it’s back ; almost everywhere ( I bow to young kids who are already the masters over these). And then came the Internet which took me so long to understand. As I said , I am not a self-learner when in comes to all the new technical stuff, but I did well under structured instruction in learning the softwares that were needed for work. My current nemesis is my DSLR camera, and I am struggling with the manual settings( which I assumed I would be ok with because it’s manual), I guess the auto setting were created for people like me . I think I am An old grandma in a young(-ish) mom’s body when it comes to all things technical and all gadgets.
I am glad the companies that make these products are making them easier to understand and operate. That gives me hope for the future!

Phir mileage!!!


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